Table of contents

  1. FreeMind TODO intro!

    April 2017

  2. Normal Mapping Visualisation video

    March 2017

  3. AndroidStudio bug-report. Can’t use debugger with NDK library

    March 2016

  4. The synchroller component has came out

    October 2014


FreeMind TODO intro!

Yahoo! 🙂 FreeMind TODO finally goes live! I spent two days to understand basics of Blender video editing and record this video. Finally, I’ve produced the first part of an intro to FreeMind TODO.

I hope somebody finds FreeMind TODO useful. Any feedback is appreciated. If it’s useful, I’m planning to record another one with the actual application description.

And, yes, it doesn’t have an aim of Trello/Coggle/so on. It’s just a quick and easy TODO-generator from HUGE and COMPLEX mindmaps.


The github link is also available:

Normal Mapping Visualisation video

Yesterday I published my first video 🙂 It’s about processes that happen in normal mapping shader.

All sources for that video are available here:

Stars and likes are very welcome 🙂 It’s my very first video editing experience and I’m glad that I’ve managed to get that done.

AndroidStudio bug-report. Can’t use debugger with NDK library

Yes, it’s. If you’re researching about how to use native debugger with Android studio there’re no so many decisions of your problem. You shouldn’t use native libraries. Just integrate your C++ sources into main project – so debugger would work.

I’ve created bug-report so, I hope, Google will close it. But there’s still no any info.

The synchroller component has came out

The synchroller component is a mini fake-scroller component for Android designed to be as light and fast, as possible. Sources are available on github.
Now I’m trying to understand how to locate project on jCenter for easy library integration with projects based on maven/gradle.